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Now Serving Customers
in Southwest Florida

We are exclusively mobile in Southwest Florida. Click Here for information.

Onward and Upward to the New Adventure
Travelling Mosaica in Florida!

Our studio doors were closed in Dec. 2023...after almost 5 years!  Five years in two locations - Eagle and Garden City, were the best years ever!  Thousands of people from Idaho and beyond learned the art of mosaic from Melissa in those two studios.  What an amazing adventure! We have had many fantastic memories with many fantastic customers. Thank you to all our supportive mosaic friends!!

We now look forward to meeting new friends in Southwest Florida.
Please reach out by email for more information.

About Us

Bella Mosaica was a glass mosaic art studio and art school in Garden City and Eagle, Idaho where you could explore your inner artist.

Now the studio is exclusively travelling and mobile in Southwest Florida! All ages and artistic abilities are welcome. Bring your creativity into your own location, where you can play with glass and grout.

Our family wanted to bring mosaic art to Treasure Valley by opening a glass mosaic studio (two locations in different years) in Eagle and Garden City, Idaho. We worked to make our dream come true - to open a creative space for people of all ages to enjoy. We wanted to provide the space for all artists, new artists, families, daycares, art students, church youth groups, senior groups, and all people of the community.  Our studio was a positive, uplifting, safe, creative space where we hosted events and classes by appointment. For almost 5 years!

The travelling studio proudly served the communities of Treasure Valley.  Now, we will proudly serve the areas of Southwest Florida.

A Family for Art

Melissa ran and operated the studios for almost 5 years. It is time for her to take it on the road!
Melissa will teach you the Art of Mosaic at any age or skill level!

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We are Exclusively Mobile
in Southwest Florida!

Let us come to your location.