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Our Studio

Bella Mosaica is a creative glass art studio where customers can learn and create their own mosaic art pieces on their own timetable. All supplies are provided including an assortment of various sizes and colors of cut glass that can be placed on different shaped wooden cut-outs, glass frames and other items. This type of art allows a child or adult to explore their own artistic imagination. 

Our Mosaic Artists will teach you all you need to know for beginning mosaic art.  You follow simple instruction from start to finish.

Special Classes will be offered in our ongoing calendar. Watch for new and upcoming classes, sign up, and spend an afternoon or evening with us learning something new.

Class and Special Event Announcements
Please visit our Class Calendar or Shop to Purchase your seat!

Mosaic Necklace Events

The Mosaic Pendant Classes are scheduled often throughout the year. Check the Calendar for more information. Signing up online is required to save your seat.

Sept. 3rd 10 am to 12 pm
Sept. 18 (Sunday) 10 am to 12 pm
Oct. 2 (Sunday) 10 am to 12 pm
Oct. 15 (Saturday) 10 am to 12 pm 

Spend time with your daughters, moms, grandmas, dads, grandpas and friends making mosaic necklaces. The studio encourages anyone 5 and older to join us in the fun of learning how to create a mosaic necklace. A variety of pendant blanks will be provided. Each student will choose 2 pendants and choose from multiple items in the studio to create their jewelry masterpiece! All materials will be included in the class purchase price. Discounts and coupons are not available for class purchases. A maximum of 2 necklaces will be created per student during the event.  The start time is mandatory as there will be a 2 hour time frame for the event. Necklaces will remain at the studio for grouting and students will pick up their necklaces 10-14 days after glue is dry and grouting is completed.


Christmas Design in Mosaic - A 3 Week Class


2 Offerings:

Weds. Nights          Nov 30, Dec 7, Dec 14...6 pm to 9 pm   OR
Fridays          Dec 2, Dec 9, Dec 16...11 am to 2 pm

Sign up online to reserve your seat!  go to the studio Calendar page and click on the class


Origins of Mosaic and Design                                                       

The next studio class in Garden City starts in September (if you live in Star, we are traveling for this one in October! Sign up via City of Star)

September Origins Class Dates At the Studio (please go to the class calendar to click on the class and purchase/save your seat)

Sept. 23 (Fridays)
Sept. 30
Oct. 7
Oct. 14
Oct. 21
Oct. 28

This is a 6-week class. The class sessions are typically 3 hours, once a week. The September class is offered at 11 am to 2 pm on Fridays.

Prior Class photos

Class Info for Origins:

Launch yourself into learning the art of mosaic in this fun, creative and introductory course designed to introduce you to mosaic history, design and basic theory. Class #1 of this 6-week workshop begins with an introduction to the class teachings and lesson plan, learning some history of mosaic and getting ready for your first dive into design. Class #2 dives deeper into design concepts with a focus on creativity. Class #2 and #3 will introduce you to concepts in cutting glass for design.  Class #3 and #4 will continue with workshop time on your mosaic and will offer a first taste of mosaic tools used in the art. Class #5 will be workshop time only and will focus on getting the glass portion of your project to completion. Class #6 will be the grouting day where students will learn how to grout their projects from beginning to end and students will be able to take their projects home after grouting is complete. Any additional studio sessions will be $10, the usual rate for studio time.

AM and PM classes offered ongoing or request a special class with your own group.


Mosaic Minis                                                                                     No class dates yet

  • Let's get together and create Mosaic Minis (example shapes Heart, Owl, Pig, Cow, Elk, Chicken, Cross, Sign).
  • Mosaic minis are small shapes that we will use to learn the art of mosaic in a fun and creative event. The minis are approximately 4" x 3-4" in size and are all different shapes (ex. cow, elk, heart, sign, owl, pig etc.). Each participant will create one mini during the event (all materials are included). Cocoa and cookies will be provided.  Complete your mosaic by gluing small pieces of glass onto the wood, then the studio grouts your project for you. Projects can be picked up about 10-14 days after grouting.
  • This is just a fun way to learn the art of mosaic with other community members or friends. These shapes can be used as a type of "coaster". Please note, they are small.
  • Participants must sign up, pay and reserve their seat online or in the studio prior to the class starting. Seats are limited to 20.
  • **Note: Shapes are limited to 20 (you may not get the shape you want at class time, but you can call the studio to reserve a shape ahead of time).
  • Please arrive at 6 pm to begin.

Special Classes

Bella Mosaica opens its studio to a three-week course offering titled "Christmas Mosaic Design". Students will choose from a variety of Christmas wood project boards (approx. size 8-10" x 6-8") and can choose an alternate non-Christmas shape. Students will be taught beginning design elements in creating a mosaic. Class #1 and #2 will focus on sketching a design onto a wood substrate and cutting glass to create design and movement. Class #3 will be further studio time to complete the glass portion of the mosaic. Grouting is included in an additional grouting session or is done by staff. Just in time for Christmas gifting!

Cost: $ 125.00
Begin your journey in learning the art of mosaic in this 6-week workshop. Students create their own design on an 8" x 10" board. The lesson plan includes history and design for mosaic, glass cutting technique and grouting.

Cost: $ 200.00
Learn the art of Mosaic Necklaces in this fun and creative workshop!

Cost: $ 45.00

Class, Event, Special Hours Calendar

Origins of Mosaic and Design, a 6-Week Class & Workshop

Begin your journey in learning the art of mosaic in this 6-week workshop. Students create their own design on an 8" x 10" board. The lesson plan includes history and design for mosaic, glass cutting technique and grouting.

Oct 1
Open Saturdays
Oct 2
Mosaic Pendant Necklaces
Oct 2
Open! 1st Sunday Every Month

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Hours of Operation flex. Please call for information, updates and to make an appointment for studio time. The studio opens early & stays open late by request. Always check the studio calendar and Google for closures & holidays.


1st & 3rd Sunday 12 pm - 4 pm
Monday (Closed)
Tuesday 11 am - 5 pm
Wednesday 11 am - 7 pm
Thursday 11 am - 5 pm
Friday 2 pm - 7 pm
Saturday 12 pm - 4 pm

Open Additional Days/Hours by Appointment or for Special Events & Classes