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We are exclusively mobile in Southwest Florida. Click Here for information.

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Our studio is home-based and mobile. We teach small, private classes in our home-based studio or let us come to your location!

For small, private classes, please email for information 
Mobile Class Types
Choose from a variety of classes. Simply email for ideas or collaborate with Melissa on a new class type!

Mosaic Necklace Classes


The Mosaic Pendant Classes

Spend time with your daughters, moms, grandmas, dads, grandpas and friends making mosaic necklaces. The studio encourages anyone 7 and older to join us in the fun of learning how to create a mosaic necklace. A variety of pendant blanks will be provided. Each student will choose 2 pendants and choose from multiple items in the studio to create their jewelry masterpiece! All materials will be included in the class purchase price.  A maximum of 2 necklaces will be created per student during the event.  The start time is mandatory as there will be a 3-hour period for the event. Necklaces will remain with the studio for grouting and students will arrange a pick up or deliver of their necklaces 10-14 days after glue is dry and grouting is completed.

3 Week Class      
example 3-week class offering:  Christmas Design in Mosaic

In the Christmas class, there are a few shapes you can choose other than Santa. 2 angel choices, a stocking, snowman and more. Each student chooses which shape they'd like to do for the class.  This class is the more advanced class than the "beginner" lesson that is offered for free.  In this class, we learn cutting techniques and a bit of design.
We would be happy to discuss setting up a class for your group based upon your desired dates/times.
This is a 3-week class. Start on the 1st day, then attend the following two workshop days/nights to get to project completion.


Origins of Mosaic and Design                                                       

This is a 6-week class. The class sessions are typically 3 hours, once a week. 

Prior Class photos

Class Info for Origins:

Launch yourself into learning the art of mosaic in this fun, creative and introductory course designed to introduce you to mosaic history, design and basic theory. Class #1 of this 6-week workshop begins with an introduction to the class teachings and lesson plan, learning some history of mosaic and getting ready for your first dive into design. Class #2 dives deeper into design concepts with a focus on creativity. Class #2 and #3 will introduce you to concepts in cutting glass for design.  Class #3 and #4 will continue with workshop time on your mosaic and will offer a first taste of mosaic tools used in the art. Class #5 will be workshop time only and will focus on getting the glass portion of your project to completion. Class #6 will be the grouting day where students will learn how to grout their projects from beginning to end and students will be able to take their projects home after grouting is complete. There will be no options for additional workshop time and all projects must be completed and ready for grouting at the grouting lesson. Typically, the grouting lesson will be on a pre-determined seventh class time. This is so the glue will dry for 24 hours prior to grouting. The grouting lesson is typically 3 hours long.

AM and PM classes can be upon request for your own group.

Join in the fun on our Repeat Origins class - offered by request to students of the beginning Origins class

Mosaic nightlight classes are a fun event where you can create your own nightlight. Create a nightlight for yourself or for gifting!
We can build a class for your group any day or at any time!
This class is typically a 3 to 4 hour class.

Class offerings are extensive!
This is just a today to discuss a class that you would like us to teach. Together, we can come up with a plan!

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We are Exclusively Mobile
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