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How It Works

All ages 4 years and up are welcome to try mosaic!  The mosaic artists and teachers at Bella Mosaica will give you all the training you need to complete a beginning mosaic project. 

The steps are quite simple.  First, you will choose a project "base". Next, you will select from TONS of glass. It is up to you to create your design. Using the cut glass pieces you will then apply glue to the back of the glass and place the glued piece onto your base. If you choose to cut the glass, we will explain how you can do that, and you may use the provided nippers and a glass "shield" to contain flying glass.  ALWAYS wear safety glasses!

You are welcome to paint the sides of your mosaic with our free paints.

Return Studio Session on any project $10
Should you need more studio time on a project, you may store your mosaic at the studio for free (for up to 6 months) and return to create in a 3-hour studio session. The Return Studio Session on any project is $10 for a 3-hour session. This fee is for a 3-hour time or less. This fee allows you to store your project for free, create again at a workstation using tools and studio glass in classrooms, and includes cleaning after you leave.  (Note: studio policy of 6 months storage)
You are welcome to take your mosaic home to grout it yourself; in that case, we will provide you with grout to take home and we will give you simple instructions on how to grout your creation.

Project Pick-Up Notification
After creating your design, ask our staff about the current grouting turn-around time. We will grout your project, then text you from a NO REPLY texting system. You can pick up your project(s) after the pick-up notification.
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Hours of Operation flex. Please call for information, updates and to make an appointment for studio time. The studio opens early & stays open late by request. Always check the daily studio calendar for closures & holidays.


Tuesday 11 am - 5 pm
Wednesday 11 am - 5 pm
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Friday 1 pm - 7 pm
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Monday CLOSED (or open by request 10+)

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