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How It Works

All ages 4 years and up are welcome to try mosaic!  The beginner lesson will give you all the training you need to complete a beginning mosaic project. 

The steps are quite simple.  First, you will choose a project "base" and we will build a travelling class for you. Next, you will receive the included lesson and select from glass. It is up to you to create your design. Using the cut glass pieces you will then apply glue to the back of the glass and place the glued piece onto your base. If you choose to cut the glass, we will explain how you can do that, and you may use the provided nippers and a glass "shield" to contain flying glass.  ALWAYS wear safety glasses!

Most Classes will have all the workshop hours built into the class.  Some classes will require additional sessions. 

Some classes will include grouting. In those classes, your instructor will leave with the un-grouted project and will return it to you another day after grouting is complete.  Some classes will include a grouting lesson. In this case, you will be learning how to grout the project from start to finish. Depending on the type of class, the grouting may need to be done in another session. Waiting 24 hours for the glue to dry is a typical necessity prior to grouting.  You are welcome to take your mosaic home to grout it yourself; in that case, we will provide you with grout to take home and we will give you simple instructions on how to grout your creation. 

Project Completion Notification
After creating your design, ask about the current grouting turn-around time. Once grouted you'll receive a text from a NO REPLY texting system. Plan via email for project pick up or drop off.
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We are Exclusively Mobile
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