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Now Serving Customers
in Southwest Florida

We are exclusively mobile in Southwest Florida. Click Here for information.
Our studio doors are closed. Thank you all for the wonderful memories!

Get Creative with the Travelling Mosaica in Southwest Florida!  

Steps to Exploring Your Inner Artist:

  1. Email us at
  2. Choose a party idea, a project type, a class type and we will come to your location with everything that is needed.
  3. Read and Sign our Participant Agreement (under 18 must be signed by an adult parent/guardian)
  4. Let us set up the class at your location...this means you will need to provide a "workstation" area for each participant. This can be as simple as folding tables and chairs. Our classes do not create a lot of mess.  Our customer kits include all of the tools needed.
  5. Fill out our Project Information form (this will be used to identify your project by your name as well as your grout color choice etc.)
  6. You will be assigned tool kit which includes toothpicks, glue tray, glue, glass nippers, safety glasses
  7. If you're cutting glass, we will assign you a shield to protect you and other customers from flying glass pieces. This is what contains any glass dust or mess.
  8. After the lesson, ask for any additional instruction you need.  Melissa is a trained and experienced artists who will be on hand teaching and helping
  9. Explore the curated options for your choice in glass.  We have LOTS of glass (tile, glass pebbles and more) to choose from
  10. Get Creative! (And follow our easy instructions for beginning mosaic creation!)
  11. Choose from our grout colors and ask staff about our current turn-around on the studio grouting your project
Examples of PROJECT BASES:
Jewelry Blanks
Wood Shapes
Trays and Candle Holders
Wood Frames
Coasters and Trivets
Lazy Susans
Alphabetic Letters and Numbers
Zinc Windows (some options are limited in inventory)

What's Included?
First are our "PROJECT BASES".  All Project Base prices include the base, glue, mosaic glass pieces of a wide variety, grout, assignment of "tool" kit for use at the class.  Each class price will include any additional class or workshop times. For instance, a jewelry class will be a one-time class for 2-3 hours. An Origins class will be many sessions to make up the necessary workshop hours and the session length will be determined upon class creation and reservation.

Additional Items for Purchase
There are additional items for purchase from our mobile inventory. These items would be purchased separately and in addition to your main project base price.  These items include, but are not limited to, glass pebbles, long glass pieces, glass sheets, mosaic tools for sale and mirror.

Note: Children under 13 must always be supervised by a parent/guardian as Melissa will need to manage the class and attend to all students
Want to create on your own project base and just use our travelling glass, glue and grout?
No Problem!  Just ask us how to price that out.  We encourage you to try mosaic on many other project bases!
Get creative on your old cafe/bistro it looking dingy, dirty and unloved? We can discuss options to making this into a private class. 
Note: Group classes will need to work on the same project base, however...we cannot be teaching multiple base types in one travelling class.

Want to bring in your old & unwanted or memorable & sentimental items to use in mosaic?
No Problem!  We encourage you to bring in old china (we can show you how to safely break it up), old jewelry or pieces of glass you originally loved.  Just ask how to price that specialty item into your project.
Find us by emailing:
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We are Exclusively Mobile
in Southwest Florida!

Let us come to your location.