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Reservations are required. We no longer take walk-ins. Click Here for information.

Class, Event, Special Hours Calendar

6:00 pm
FRIpmIntro3wk: Intro to Mosaic Patterning & Technique - 3 Week Course 2023
5:45 pm to 7:15 pm
Copium Neighborhood Mtg. Garden City
10:00 am
Jan21am2023: Mosaic Pendants (Create 2 per person)
9:00 am
THamJFM2023: Origins of Mosaic and Design 2023, a 6-Week Class & Workshop
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Hours of Operation flex. Please call for information, updates and to make an appointment for studio time. The studio opens early & stays open late by request. We are no longer an Open Studio. Reservations are required. Please call ahead for pick-ups or make arrangements.

Open Additional Days/Hours by Appointment or for Special Events & Classes