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For Your Safety

Your safety is our highest priority. This page is under construction as we no longer have a studio location.

Safety In Creating: Please always follow our safety guidelines while creating mosaics with our studio. We will provide you with an assigned kit that includes safety glasses.  Safety glasses should be worn, especially when cutting glass. We will teach you how to use a safety "shield" to contain flying glass. This will also protect others around you.  We will teach you how to use glass "nippers". Please always use these tools with caution and only for the purpose for which they were intended. Please also always use a lid on any drinks so that flying glass cannot make its way into your drink!

Safety During COVID & Flu Season: Currently, hand sanitizer will be available at every table with our travelling studio. Please respect other customer artists in their space. We ask that children be always supervised and that they not "roam" the area just for fun.

General Sanitation: We encourage customers to isolate themselves within one area or station during their time at the studio.  During cold and flu season please cancel yourself out of classes if sick. 

Safety for Children and Teenagers: Parents must fill out a Participant Agreement form for any child under 18. Parents and children will be advised to practice travelling studio safety protocol. Children under 15 years of age must always be supervised by a parent.  Teens who are 15 years and older may work with the studio on their own if a parent/guardian has signed a Participant Agreement. The studio instructor does not have the ability to supervise children as we have other duties such as instructing other groups and attending to students. Please be sure to not let your children run freely through the area without supervision as it can be a safety hazard. 

Out of Respect for other Artists in the Class

Language & Sound: please refrain from using language that is not appropriate in public spaces. We encourage children to be present and learn with the studio. As a courtesy to other artists, please respect the space with language and sound level.

No Touch - Look With Your Eyes Rule: mosaics are fragile. Studio mosaics and other customer projects are NOT for touching. Refrain from picking up projects and taking them to your table...simply study them in place or take a photo to copy someone's mosaic design. The more mosaics are handled, the more they fall apart or are dropped. Respect the mosaic as a courtesy to the ARTIST!

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We are Exclusively Mobile
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